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Recent research from Stanford University psychologist, Professor Anne Fernald, has shown that exposure to child-directed speech sharpens infants’ language skills, which helps predict future success in life.

Significant differences in both vocabulary and real-time language processing abilities are already evident at the age of 18 months. This so-called “language gap” has been highlighted by Sir Michael Wilshaw, Head of Ofsted in the UK.

Small Talk is the essential resource to fill this gap and to set your young child on the trajectory towards future success and fulfilment.



“In a fun, down-to-earth style, Small Talk gives parents the practical tools to understand their babies and to help them develop speech and language while sharing the excitement of each new word.”

Dr T. Berry Brazelton, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

“The Small Talk techniques make for extremely good advice.”

Dr Linda Hand, Head of Speech Science, Auckland University

“Small Talk is a must-read for parents keen to help their child express themselves from the get go. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Scarlett Brady, Editor of Gurgle magazine

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