Links to additional resources referred to in Small Talk:

Small Talk Page 32 : I look in the mirror

In Small Talk, we provide a number of ways to boost 0 — 6 month old babies’ eye contact, one of which is through singing songs in the mirror and pointing to various body parts. Here’s a demonstration video featuring Nicola and Gabriel.

Small Talk Page 46 : Roll the ball

‘Ready, steady, go’ games encourage your 0 to 6 month old baby to make experimental noises. Here’s a variation on this theme with Monty rolling the ball!

Small Talk Page 85 : The Little Green Frog Song

In the book, we set out a number of ways to strengthen babies’ tongues during the weaning phase (from 4 months). We love the song about a little green frog, the best rendition we’ve found being the following one by Pamela Sunshine. The key feature is that you poke out your tongue as you sing:

In this second video Minnie has a go!

Small Talk Page 125 : Everybody do this

To boost your 12–18 month old child’s ability to learn language, the book sets out a number of ways to encourage copying. The Tweenies on CBeebies sing a great song that goes something like this:

COMING SOON : Babble Bags

We will shortly be selling Babble Bags which will contain a selection of toys specifically chosen to maximise speech and language development in babies and young children. Each Babble Bag will also include a guide to help parents boost their child’s language skills by playing with the toys in the bag. If you would like to be notified when the Babble Bags are ready for sale, please email us by clicking here.

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